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Lousiana Creole Pecan Candy Reactions

Lousiana Creole Pecan Candy Reactions

Sam J.

The owner is a friend of mine and when he told me that he was selling pecan candy I was pleasantly surprised: I had no idea that he was creative in that way! Of course, I wanted to support him but I only bought 3 just in case I didn't like them. That was mistake number one. I should have bought, like, 6. So, after flying through the first two, and to stop me from eating the last one, I stuck my final pecan candy in the freezer so that it would be out of sight, out of mind. That was mistake number two. Because now I REALLY want to eat that last one but I have to wait for it to thaaaaw! The flavor of the first bite immediately zapped my tongue and I was taken aback. Like, if I had to explain what it's like eating one of these pecan candies, I would have to put it like...if your palate is a sailboat, then the sugary part of the pecan candy is like an indulgent ocean while the pecans are like intermittent sandbars that you can rest upon to savor the flavor. I know that description is dramatic but that's how I remember experiencing it *shrugs*. My word of advice to you would be to learn from my mistake: Order double of what you anticipate desiring or you'll end up desperate for more like I have!

Would recommend: Yes

Anything to add: Thank you for bringing my order by; I really appreciated that!